Steel belts from HELD

Exceptionally economical thanks to a long service life and excellent precision

Steel belts are the pressing tool in a double belt press. As a component, they are crucial to the quality of the product being manufactured. HELD has been building double belt presses and producing press belts since 1975. Since that time we have strived to provide the optimum belts for any specific purpose.

For this reason HELD not only makes its press belts from particularly high-strength stainless steel, but also follows a special procedure. Care taken during processing and finishing has a significant effect on the service life of steel belts and therefore on the economic efficiency of a double belt press.

To ensure an exceptionally long service life, our steel belts are available with a highly wear-resistant chrome surface to complement the superbly executed weld seams and belt edges. The belt surfaces we supply range from industrial polished to high-gloss mirror finish.

Steel belts from HELD are utilised on double belt presses in a wide range of industry sectors. Whether at a max. process pressure of 80 bar or at temperatures up to 400 °C, followed by recooling and repeated flexural alternating stress – you are able to rely on our steel belts.

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Obsessed with details and precision
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