Isobaric double belt presses from the global market leader

Impressive solutions for your production processes

Impressive solutions for your production processes
HELD Technologie GmbH is a traditional, organically grown family business based in southern Germany. Founded in 1949, it has become one of the world's leading mechanical engineering companies and focuses on high-performance isobaric double belt presses. In this field, Held is widely known for its innovations.  


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Benefit from our decades of experience, state-of-the-art technology and ability to develop innovative solutions for improved production processes.

Here is an overview of the various applications in which HELD double belt presses can be adopted:

Base materials for flexible PCBs, speaker cones/membranes,

mobile phone and laptop covers, electrical insulation.

Impact protection, structural parts, seals

Tank linings, interiors, structural components

Panel heating, insulation, soundproofing

Bulletproof vests, protective helmets, vehicle armour

Rotor blades, fuel cells, batteries

Decorative laminates, furniture films, laminate flooring, PVC/vinyl flooring

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Intelligent technology for top quality and productivity

Double belt presses from HELD are the ideal production systems for the continuous production of sheet and plate materials when using the through-feed method. Using various processes, such as continuous injection, laminating, compacting, consolidation and smoothing, they allow different materials to be processed, such as films, meshes, mats of fibres, granulates or powders.

In each case, the respective components are run through the press between two endless steel belts – either individually or together. At the intake and the outlet, these steel belts are looped around heated steel drums. Pressure plates, with which heat and pressure are applied to the conveyed materials, are located between them in the so-called reaction zone. The temperature zones can be individually adjusted.

"A look at our many innovative products, which enjoy legendary status within the industry, shows that Held's expert staff keeps meeting this high standard time and again."

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